In essence this is a paperback book ideal for your design.

Thickness up to 35mm

Custom sizes up to 420mm on the binding edge.

Clear plastic, black, white or printed card are available.

A4 from £25 – £37.50

A3 from £80 – £85



Perfect binding

Perfect binding is a paperback book this method of binding uses hot glue to secure your pages together. The freedom that comes with the wraparound cover of a perfect binding is ideal for showing off your design work to give an instant impression.

Perfect Binding is an effective way of showing off double page spreads as it can open ‘near flat’.

The clean and smooth lines is such an appealing feature of perfect binding, it lends itself to the artwork. However we always place creases into the spine for it to have a snug fit about the pages, and typically a crease is put into the front and back of the cover to encourage the covers to open. If you wish for your perfect binding not to have any creases, just say.

There are some limitations with perfect binding such as some paper weights, thickness of document and if the binding edge is over 297mm. If you are unsure please get in touch to discuss as there ways of combating this.

If you are after an A4 format perfect binding this can be completed on a same day or 2 day service. It does require 3 days to complete an A3 perfect binding.

Perfect binding is a favourite style of binding as it is quick and has an aesthetic appeal.

If you are interested in how the perfect binding can work for you, get in touch.


Perfect Binding Prices

A4 or smaller perfect binding
Same day£37.50
2 day£25
Covers for A4 or smaller perfect bindings
280gsm Printed Cover£10 (£5 each after 1st)
270gsm Colourplan (plain)£7
If landscape, 1st cover is £15 (£5 each after 1st)


A3 portrait or landscape perfect binding
3 days portrait£85
3 days landscape£80
Covers for A3 perfect bindings
280gsm Printed Cover£15 (£7.50 each after 1st)
270gsm Colourplan (plain)£12
If landscape, 1st cover is £15 (£7.50 each after 1st)


Optional feature

As much as perfect binding can give your artwork a great platform to shine. That are some factors which should be considered.

  • If your book is A3
  • Printed on the wrong paper grain
  • If the paper weight over 120gsm
  • Or the textblock is thick

The above can weaken the spine. To combat this it is recommended having the pages stitched to strengthen the spine. This is an additional £15 per book.