Thesis & Dissertations

All theses and dissertations are bound in buckram, this is a water-resistant and highly durable book cloth.

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Soft binding

Glue bound into a flexible buckram cloth cover to University specifications.
Prices below are for A4, portrait bindings, bound on the long edge.

3 hour£30
Same day£22
2 day£18
3 day£15


Hard binding

This binding is mechanically sewn and has a rigid board cover in the colour of buckram cloth your University specification requires.
Prices below are for A4, portrait bindings, bound on the long edge.

3 hour£65
Same day£44
2 day£35
3 day£25


Over 300 pages add £10 for each copy, applies to soft and hard copies.


How the service works

At the end of this page is an ‘Order Now’ button. Fill in the order form, upload your PDF and click SEND, it is that easy. Or if you much rather submit your PDF in person or hand in your pre-printed page, come by.

  • 3 hour – Starts from time of receiving PDF/ pre-printed pages and confirmation of details. Please make a booking to avoid disappointment.
  • Same Day – Submit PDF/pre-printed pages by 9:30am and collect at 3pm.
  • 2 day – Submit by 9:30am and ready at 3pm, the next day.
  • 3 day – Submit in by 9:30am and ready at 3pm, 3 days later

If you wish to have the 3 hour and same day service, please do book a slot to avoid disappointment.


Spine Lettering

Universities and colleges have specifications of how they like to have theses and dissertations lettered, whether it is reading up, down or across the spine. It is usually a combination of your name, degree and year in gold or silver. This service is free of charge.

If you require multiple lines on your spine it is an additional £5 per line.


Front cover lettering

We can letter your title, name, degree, year onto the front cover. This starts from £10 depending on how excessive it is, as we letter ours by hand.



We accept pre-printed pages or if you want us to print, we require a single PDF file which can be send as an email attachment or via dropbox/wetransfer or USB stick. We do not alter or format files. Please organise your file as single pages and not spreads. Prices are dependent on paper weight, b&w/colour printing and per printed side.

80gsm8p / 6.5p*45p
100gsm10p / 8p*45p
* Student discount.



CD Services

We can burn and label CDs too. Have any combination you want. The label contains the same information on your title page, (title, degree, university, degree, name, and year) Prices are for 1 CD.

CD burnt£5
CD label£3
CD paper wallet£1
CD clear plastic self-adhesive wallet£3.50



All deliveries are dispatched in the morning.

Courier delivery is £14.95, unless the destination is UCL Student Centre and your order is over £40, then it is free.

Next day UK delivery is £24.

For international delivery please do contact us.



This can be made either by card or cash on collection. Or if you opt for delivery card details can be given over the phone. Please bare in mind that without payment, delivery cannot be made.


If you do have any questions or want a quote please do call or send an order form.




Do I need to book?

It is not necessary, but if you want peace of mind, it is recommended.


Why is there an additional charge for binding over 300 pages?

More time and work is involved in producing a thicker book. Don’t forgo there is a student discount on printing.


What is paper grain?

Believe or not, paper has a grain direction, long grain or short grain. Paper in a book should run from the top to the bottom, or head to tail. This prevents damage to the paper, less strain on the binding and gives a more flexible read.


What paper is used for thesis binding?
All of our paper is coated, apart from the 80gsm.


Is there a difference between soft and hard binding?

Yes, a soft binding is bound together with glue and put into a cloth cover, which can have lettering on the spine or front cover. It is flexible and is sometimes referred to as a temporary binding.

A hard binding has a hard board case which is covered in cloth, which can also be lettered on the spine and front board. The pages are sewn together, not glued as the soft is.


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